Unless you are a Strawberry Fields developer, you likely do not need to use these classes directly.

This module provides tools to visualize the state in various interactive ways using Plot.ly.


generate_fock_chart(state, modes, cutoff)

Populates a chart dictionary with marginal Fock state probability distributions for multiple modes.

generate_quad_chart(state, mode, xvec, pvec)

Populates a chart dictionary with x and p reduced quadrature probabilities for a single mode.

generate_wigner_chart(state, mode, xvec, pvec)

Populates a chart dictionary with reduced Wigner function surface plot data.

plot_fock(state, modes[, cutoff, renderer])

Plot the (marginal) Fock state probabilities with Plot.ly.

plot_quad(state, modes, xvec, pvec[, renderer])

Plot the x and p-quadrature probability distributions with Plot.ly.

plot_wigner(state, mode, xvec, pvec[, …])

Plot the Wigner function with Plot.ly.