borealis_gbs(device, modes=216, squeezing='medium', open_loops=[True, True, True], return_list=True)[source]

Creates a GBS instance in form of a gates_args dictionary that can be directly submitted to a TDMProgram.

  • device (sf.Device) – the Borealis device containing the supported squeezing parameters

  • modes (int, optional) – The number of computational modes in the GBS instance. Defaults to 216.

  • squeezing (str, optional) – The squeezing level. Defaults to “medium”.

  • open_loops (list, optional) – List of booleans to include the first, second and third delay line. Defaults to [True, True, True]

  • return_list (bool, optional) – return a list of gate-arguments instead of a dictionary


dictionary of gate arguments that has undergone full compilation and is therefore ready to be submitted to the Borealis hardware

Return type